Story Pirates

The Geffen Playhouse began its Story Pirates partnership in 2009 as a way to expand the resources of the theater's current in-school initiatives. Story Pirates, which was originally founded in New York in 2003, is a nationally recognized arts and literacy organization working to engage students in under-resourced public schools by showing them that their ideas, their words and their stories are important. As a partner of the Geffen Playhouse, Story Pirates recently opened a West Coast branch and now visits over 20 Title I Los Angeles public schools each year in addition to performing for the general public as part of the Geffen Playhouse's Saturday Scene program.

Flagship Show Performances

While many children’s theater troupes tell stories to kids, the Geffen Playhouse Story Pirates believe that every child has a story to tell -- especially yours!  The process begins by collecting stories from local kids (while we're on the subject, submit your story here!) -- whether it's a world where cats can fly or a rock opera about fuzzy alien tickle monsters, the Pirates will turn any short story into a hilarious sketch comedy musical!  Described as "Monty Python meets Schoolhouse Rock," this show is different every week.  Pitched perfectly to grown ups and kids alike, The Flagship show can set sail with your whole family on board. Plus, there's free ice cream for the whole audience!

Play/Write Program

The Story Pirate’s initiative with the Geffen’s Education and Outreach programming is the Play/Write Program, a series of creative writing and drama workshops that lead to a musical sketch comedy show acted by professional actors and comedians and comprised entirely of stories written by kids. The program starts with an inspirational “best of” performance of stories written by kids from across the country for the student.  In-class workshops are then held where students are taught story writing basics such as plot, character development and other writing techniques until each student has written a story.  After reading and commenting on all the writing from the workshops, a select few stories are chosen and adapted for the culminating show performed by the adult Story Pirates company in front of the school.

Theater for Families


The Story Pirates have a full season of Theater for Families performances - all featuring stories written by kids - some from across the country while others will be improvisational shows created by the kids as they sit in the audience.