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Freelancer Financial FAQs
Stimulus package, unemployment, debt, and more!

If you can help, here’s how...


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Most advanced search options; focus on part-time and temporary work.

Skip the Drive
Search by multiple categories, including entry-level, flexible, and part-time; positions in many fields.

We Work Remotely
Search by job category; mostly full-time options but contract work and part-time as well.

And here are some more specialized sites which offer job opportunities with minimal or no experience required...


Teach Away
Eight online platforms for teaching English as a second language. Many opportunities with flexible hours with pay $19-$25 per hour. Most require fluency in English and a Bachelor’s Degree.


Applications will open in April. 4-hour-per-week minimum time commitment when volume allows, and applicants who are generally available 10+ hours a week are prioritized. Each paper has an associated fixed payment, based on the paper’s length and the editor’s pay tier. Trainees are paid an effective rate of $20 per hour, and full members $25-28 per hour. The average editor earns around $5,000 for the admissions season, with many earning $10,000+.


Flexible hours; 15 hours per month minimum. Typists are paid one-half cent per word, with some shifts offering a 10% bonus. Payment is made twice a month.

Audio Transcription Center
Flexible hours, paid weekly, choose your own schedule. Transcribe oral history interviews (with WWII veterans, women in academia, farmers, midwives…), focus groups, financial forecasts or quarterly reports, tech webinars, commencement addresses, interviews about NGO work, educational reform or health care access, or anything else you could think of, and even occasionally TV shows. Typing skills required, but no experience necessary.

Here’s where you can file for unemployment, and some good things to know...

If your employer has reduced your hours or shut down operations due to COVID-19, you can file an Unemployment Insurance (UI) claim. UI provides partial wage replacement benefit payments to workers who lose their job or have their hours reduced, through no fault of their own. If you are temporarily unemployed due to COVID-19, you are not required to actively seek work each week. The Governor’s Executive Order waives the standard one-week unpaid waiting period, so you can collect UI benefits for the first week you are out of work.

Emergency Grants

Bret Adams & Paul Reisch Foundation
Accepting applications through April 14. Artists will be randomly selected, and may submit only one time. Offering up to 40 emergency grants of $2500, but this is subject to change.
You are eligible to enter the lottery for a grant of $2500 from the Bret Adams & Paul Reisch Foundation if you are:

  1. A playwright, composer, lyricist, or librettist.
  2. Have had a full professional production (defined for these purposes as a LORT, Off-Broadway, or Broadway full production, not a reading or workshop) of which you are a writer that was cancelled, closed, or indefinitely postponed due to the COVID-19 closures.

Includes grants and/or brokered assistance, such as booth fee waivers and discounts or donations on supplies and equipment, after a career-threatening emergency such as illness. Artists interested in CERF+ emergency assistance must first complete an inquiry form. If it is determined that you may be eligible for assistance, you will be invited to apply for assistance. Before filling out an emergency assistance inquiry form, carefully read through the eligibility criteria and supporting documentation requirements.

Dramatists Guild
The Dramatists Guild is providing a number of resources to the entire community for free. Artists can apply for emergency grants, use the online Resource Directory, and access past issues of The Dramatist. If you are in need of assistance and wish to join the Guild, but do not have the financial resources to do so, please contact them at .

Foundation for Contemporary Arts
Created a temporary fund to meet the needs of artists who have been impacted by the economic fallout from postponed or canceled performances and exhibitions. For as long as their Board of Directors determines it is necessary and prudent to do so, the Foundation will disburse $1,000 grants to artists who have had performances or exhibitions canceled or postponed because of the COVID-19 virus. Applicants must be individual artists, or an individual representing an artist collective, ensemble, or group.

Indie Theater Fund COVID-19 Emergency Grant
Unrestricted rapid relief grants to indie theater companies and individual artists in need due to the financial strain of closings related to COVID-19. Grants of up to $500 on an on-going basis until funds run out.

Rauschenberg Emergency Grants
Provides one-time grants of up to $5,000 for unexpected medical emergencies (note: not for lost wages). The grants are available to visual and media artists and choreographers who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents in the United States, District of Columbia, or U.S. Territories.

Authors League Fund
The Authors League Fund exists to help professional writers continue their careers with dignity by providing no-strings-attached “loans” to pay for pressing expenses. Repayment of this emergency support is not required. At this time, they are unable to help dramatists enduring income loss due to COVID-19 cancellations, but dramatists experiencing a medical emergency are able to apply.

PEN America Writers’ Emergency Fund
PEN America is expanding its long-standing Writers’ Emergency Fund as part of their efforts to support the literary community, and will distribute grants of $500 to $1,000 based on applications that demonstrate an inability to meet an acute financial need, especially one resulting from the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak. They have developed a new streamlined process for the duration of this crisis, and expect to be able to review and respond to applications within 10 days.

Actors Fund Entertainment Assistance Program
The Actors Fund has partnered with several industry organizations to provide emergency financial assistance to those who have immediate financial needs, such as being unable to pay basic living expenses (food/housing/health care) over the next two months. While some of the funds are for members of entertainment unions, you do not need to be a union member to receive help from The Actors Fund.

Musicians Foundation
The Musicians Foundation provides grants to U.S. musicians in any genre in a time of acute need due to personal, medical, dental, or family crisis, natural disaster, or other emergency situation.

Artists Relief Project
Any artist in any discipline who has been impacted by COVID19-related cancellations and closures may apply for assistance. Stipends and support will be given on a first-come, first-serve basis, with the only limitation being how much money they are able to raise.

For even more resources...

Americans for the Arts

California Arts Council

Creative Capital List of Artist Resources

Freelancer Financial FAQs

Stimulus package, unemployment, debt, and more!

Have questions about the stimulus package, unemployment, debt, or savings? Ari Teplitz, CFP®, ChFC®, and Lizzie Stern, Literary Manager at Playwrights Horizons in New York City, have got your answers here!

All answers provided by Ari M. Teplitz, CFP®, ChFC®, Partner at The Teplitz Financial Group from a live webinar on March 26, 2020. To learn more about Ari or his firm, visit

The information presented in the Q&A linked above is almost entirely applicable to artists in California and other states, as well as those in NY. Here are a few Los Angeles-specific additions:

  • Regarding the question about collecting unemployment (pg. 3): The one week waiting period to apply for unemployment has been waived in California as well.
  • Regarding the question about paying rent (pg. 6): according to this Los Angeles Times article, “In the city of Los Angeles, renters who cannot pay their rent because of economic hardship or because their health has been affected by the coronavirus are not allowed to be evicted… Tenants in L.A. have up to a year after the city’s emergency order expires to pay back rent. All late fees for nonpayment will be waived.” Though this does not apply to renters in the state as a whole, all renters in California are entitled to a delay of an eviction through May 31 if they can’t pay rent because of financial or medical circumstances caused by the coronavirus.

This information should not be taken as legal or tax advice, or as a specific recommendation. It is all believed to be accurate at the time of publishing.

How to Help

If you have the means to help, please consider donating to the efforts listed above. Some other philanthropic avenues to consider…

Broadway Cares
Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS’ COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund is helping entertainment professionals meet coronavirus-related expenses and other challenges brought about by the evolving pandemic. Donations provide urgent additional resources for the vital social service programs of The Actors Fund, including emergency financial assistance, health insurance, counseling and the operation of The Friedman Health Center for the Performing Arts.

Trickle Up
Subscribe monthly for original content from your favorite artists! Goal is to get 10,000 subscribers at $10 a month, and every month give $10,000 to 10 different artists affected by the COVID-19 cancelations. And every month 10 new, artists in need will get $10,000. If they surpass this goal, more people will get help.

And a little something lovely to keep you going: @theatrewithouttheater, a nightly theatrical broadcast aiming to fill the current artistic void at curtain time.

*These resources were originally compiled by Lizzie Stern, Literary Manager at Playwrights Horizons in New York City, and have been adapted to be applicable to Los Angeles artists impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak.

For the New York-specific version, click here.