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All Geffen Playhouse Education & Community Engagement programs are evaluated by outside research firms or through in-house surveys. Evaluation reports and the analysis of surveys have not only helped us understand the impact of our programs, they have also supported their continuous improvement over the years. Below are examples of some recent findings.


Most students were highly satisfied with the theater component of GPLP and enjoyed live theater and sessions with teaching artists. Over 90% of students felt that participating in theater activities caused them to try to provide work of the highest quality in class, stay more focused in class, and collaborate better with classmates

Students were also positive about the literacy coaching they participated in as part of the
project. More than 90% of all students felt that writing coaching helped them improve their writing and school performance and develop skills that were applicable to other subjects. Student writing assessment scores increased significantly when comparing the average score at the beginning of the year, 1.70, with their average score at the end of the year, 2.20. Additionally, students’ average scores on their major writing assignments throughout the year increased significant from first to final drafts. (Vital Research)


Students credited the teaching artists with helping them enjoy the plays more and understand the story and the playwright’s message. Over 60% of the students better understood the playwright’s message and the story line thanks to the teaching artists. On the post-program survey, students reported that the teaching artist team helped them become more confident, learn to express themselves, work better with others, and learn more about theatre, acting and improvisation.

The most frequently identified area of growth was in writing skills and attitudes about writing. The progression of essays helped students mark their progress. One student noted that they had “improved with every essay” and another remarked that “I can write essays if I just keep on trying.” (Moxie Research)


From Student Surveys

  • 93% reported that their appreciation for the arts significantly increased
  • 93% reported that they will continue to seek out arts experiences in their lives
  • 85% reported that their ability to think critically improved
  • 80% reported that their respect for others’ ideas improved
  • 97% feel more connected to the community

From Teacher Surveys

  • 80% reported their awareness increased in how theater can support the development of
  • students’ critical thinking, empathy, tolerance, imagination and communication skills
  • 85% learned new classroom techniques in how to engage students


The Veterans’ Writing and Performing Project has grown dramatically over the last four years and remains an impactful and dynamic experience for the veteran participants. The Geffen staff and the Project’s artistic director have developed a transformative experience for veterans. They have refined the process and built on its strengths to result in a model program for veterans.

Following the workshops, the participants reported the following about themselves, their skills, knowledge and future. Following the Project, they reported that they…

  • felt more empowered to write about their life experiences and share them in performance;
  • were ready and likely to write and perform beyond the Geffen project;
  • had developed stronger vocal skills as performers;
  • perceived themselves to have greater knowledge about theatre;
  • write more frequently than before the project;
  • held a strong sense of cohesion as a group and connection to each other;
  • felt more connected to the Geffen Playhouse and their community;
  • held the artistic director in high regard as a leader and an artistic collaborator; and,
  • appreciated the support of the Geffen Playhouse staff.

(Moxie Research)