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The Present FAQs

The Present FAQs


  • Zoom Troubleshooting Tips



    • You'll need a free Zoom account to log in to your meeting. Click here to create an account.
    • Most Zoom meetings do not require you to be logged into a Zoom account to participate, but this one does.
    • Note: your Zoom account does NOT have to be the same email address you used to purchase the tickets.



    1. Visit to join your Zoom meeting.
    2. Enter Your Meeting ID and Meeting Password (these are found on your pre-show emails and the printed invoice inside your shipping box).
    3. The virtual lobby will open 30 minutes prior to your showtime. Be sure to log on at least 15 minutes prior to your showtime so we can check you in. There will be no late seating.



    • You may see an error message if you have Zoom installed, but are not logged-in to a Zoom account. Please sign-in to or create their Zoom account prior to accessing the meeting.
    • (Note: this does not have to be the same email address you used to purchase the tickets.)


    • You may see an error message if you do not have Zoom installed on your computer. Please install Zoom prior to accessing the meeting.
  • How much does it cost?

    Preview tickets start at $60 and regular tickets start at $85. These prices are per household and all-inclusive. You do not need to purchase additional tickets for family members for the show as long as everyone is sitting around the same computer.

  • What’s in the mystery package?

    If we told you that, it wouldn’t be a mystery! Just wait for the moment in the show when everything will be revealed. That's part of the experience.

  • Can others in my household participate?

    Yes! The more the merrier. Everyone in your home is welcome to join the experience. However, you’ll need to share one device, and only one person can actively participate at certain moments during the show. Participation should be limited to those 12 and older.

  • How many households can participate per show?

    Currently, only 25 households can participate per show.

  • What are the technical requirements?

    DO NOT MIRROR OR SCREENCAST your computer to a television screen; this causes feedback that will disrupt the show.

    You'll need a computer or tablet with a camera and microphone, and a good internet connection. The virtual theater will use Zoom as the platform, so if you’re already able to communicate through Zoom, you’re all set. Please note that your microphone will be controlled by a member of our team. Visit the Zoom Help Center for more information.

  • When can I access the virtual theater?

    The Zoom virtual theater will open 30 minutes prior to your scheduled showtime. During this time you can test your microphone, speaker, and connectivity.

  • Will I be seen on screen?

    Yes. All participants will need to have their camera on for the duration of the performance. Be sure to arrive "camera ready."

  • Do I need to set up anything in my home?

    Be seated at a table, preferably with a tablecloth to make using the items in the box easier. If you don’t have one, a table top will do.

  • What happens if I have technical difficulties during the show?

    If you experience technical difficulties during the show, you can contact the virtual House Manager for assistance. Information will be provided to you prior to your performance.

  • Am I able exchange into a future performance if I can’t attend?

    Unfortunately, once mystery boxes are mailed, there is no way to exchange into a future performance. All sales are final and non-refundable.

  • I don’t live in Los Angeles. Can I participate?

    This production is open to anyone living in the United States. Due to mailing restrictions, we are unable to send packages internationally. Please note that all performance times are listed as Pacific Daylight Time.

  • Can I buy out a performance for my family or business?

    Absolutely. Groups are welcome to make arrangements for a private show during a mutually agreed upon day and time outside of the regular performance schedule. Contact Karen Gutierrez at .

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