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<strong>FINAL WEEK! MUST CLOSE MARCH 4</strong>


January 30 - March 04, 2018
Gil Cates Theater

Written by Martyna Majok
Directed by Tyne Rafaeli
Featuring Josiah Bania, Christian Camargo, Marin Ireland & Marcel Spears

"Marin Ireland creates a scrupulously honest portrait in a palette of grays... Darja will not soon be forgotten." – Los Angeles Times
"Under Tyne Rafaeli's rich, incisive direction, Martyna Majok's astringently funny, surprisingly affecting Ironbound is superb!" – StageSceneLA
 "Brilliantly written, acted and directed, Ironbound is the best play presently running in L.A.!" –
"Marin Ireland's absolutely captivating performance alone is worth a trip to the Geffen!" – StageSceneLA
"As for the men in Darja's life, Ireland could not be blessed with a finer trio of talents... from Josiah Bania's sweetly endearing Maks to Christian Camargo's electrifying, unexpectedly winning Tommy to Spears's plucky, generous, expectations-defying Vic." – StageSceneLA
CRITIC'S PICK! "Quietly gripping... with its bone-dry humor and vivid characters." – The New York Times
"Gritty... genuinely moving." – The Hollywood Reporter
"Majok writes with such energy and charisma... characters feel vivid and real." – The Washington Post

At once humorous and heartrending, Ironbound spans 22 years to tell the story of Darja, a Polish immigrant getting by on a cleaning job, aggressive pragmatism and sheer will. In this wry drama, award-winning playwright Martyna Majok points out that sometimes survival is the only measure of success.

Significant Other

Significant Other

April 3 - May 06, 2018
Gil Cates Theater

Written by Joshua Harmon
Directed by Stephen Brackett
Featuring Melanie Field, Vella Lovell, Preston Martin, Keilly McQuail, John Garet Stoker, Concetta Tomei & Will Von Vogt

CRITIC'S PICK! “Entirely richly funny as it is ultimately heart-stirring.” – The New York Times
“A lovely, bittersweet comedy about romantic yearning.” – The Hollywood Reporter
“Strikes the perfect balance between comedy and pathos.” – Variety

After a successful Off-Broadway and Broadway run, Joshua Harmon brings his affecting and hilarious play about finding and lacking love to the Geffen Playhouse. Significant Other follows Jordan, a single, young professional with a close group of female friends who slowly drift away as they each get married while he searches for his own “Mr. Right.” From the writer of the Geffen’s 2015 runaway hit Bad Jews, this New York Times Critics’ Pick revels in the paradox of feeling old when you’re still young and the sometimes-crushing loneliness that comes with growing up. With humor and humanity, Significant Other offers a relatable portrait of twenty-something urban life and the seemingly endless string of weddings that accompany it.

Skeleton Crew

Skeleton Crew

June 5 - July 08, 2018
Gil Cates Theater

Written by Dominique Morisseau
Directed by Patricia McGregor

“A deeply moral and deeply American play.” – The New York Times
“An achievement, as much for political substance as for style.” – Variety
“Sustained narrative dynamism.” – The Washington Post

The third installment of Dominique Morisseau’s acclaimed trilogy “The Detroit Project”, Skeleton Crew follows four co-workers: Faye, Dez, Reggie and Shanita, at a Detroit auto plant in 2008. This play highlights the layered relationships and drama of blue-collar workers navigating the instability and uncertainty in their personal lives and at work. Each character’s patience and loyalty are tested as the plant’s future comes into question, and they are forced to make hard choices to ensure their individual survival. Morriseau’s masterful command of dialect and dialogue brings depth and authenticity to a story about the very local implications of global change. 

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