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Review Roundup: "The Power of Duff"

When the not particularly spiritual news anchor Charlie Duff begins signing off every broadcast with a prayer, both hell and heaven break loose. His boss is livid — until the things Duff prays about begin to come true. This funny, thought-provoking West Coast premiere is intriguing and challenging both audiences and critics.

But don’t take our word for it! Read on for more reviews and video testimonials.

“GO! Director Peter DuBois orchestrates the transitions with precise blocking that wastes no movement, and he’s equally skillful in helping the actors shape the emotional journey of the piece.” — LA Weekly

“What happens when a TV anchor spontaneously ends his broadcast with a prayer? And what happens when those prayers, as impossible as some may seem, all begin to be answered? The Power of Duff at the Geffen Playhouse asks compelling questions, our review says, even if it can’t provide all the answers.” — Los Angeles Times

“Divine comedy offers miracles and laughter!” — The Hollywood Reporter

“Stamberg delivers a tremendously affecting performance!” — Living Out Loud

“At its very least, this production will provide a lively and intelligent time at the theater. At its best, it will stir debate, whether among theatergoers or deep within the individual hearts and minds of its audience.” — Los Angeles Daily News

“This powerful and compelling play, masterfully directed by Peter DuBois, expresses the importance of human connection … The details and depth of this production resonate with audience members long past the curtain call.” — USC student publication Neon Tommy [The Geffen offers $10 student rush tickets! Please click here for more information.]

“It’s hard to imagine a finer choice to play Charlie than Stamberg … Not only does Stamberg look like a news anchor with his stature, demeanor, and trustworthy, all-American-handsome face, he digs deep into Charlie’s damaged soul … The Power Of Duff is powerful stuff indeed.” — StageSceneLA

“[Belber’s] ability to look inside the hearts and souls of his characters always shines through even the most difficult situations. You will walk out questioning your own life and how you can change it for the betterment of yourself as well as all around you.” — Broadway World

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