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Welcome to Geffen Stayhouse, where we’ll be sharing exclusive, original content every Wednesday from some of our wonderful Geffen alumns and favorite theater artists. We’ll keep them coming until our theater doors open to welcome you back to the Geffen!

To kick off Geffen Stayhouse, below is an exclusive offer from our friends at BroadwayHD for a 30-day trial and access to all their fantastic theater content that can be streamed on your computer or TV. Geffen Playhouse titles available on BroadwayHD include Long Day's Journey Into Night, featuring Alfred Molina and Jane Kaczmarek; Thom Pain, featuring Rainn Wilson (The Office); and Benjamin Scheuer's The Lion. And as a special treat, Benjamin has sent us an exclusive performance of "Weather the Storm" from The Lion all the way from Wales, UK, where he's hunkering down with his family.


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OFFER EXPIRES: 4/23/2020


Steven Sater

March 16, 2020

Poet, playwright, author, and lyricist Steven Sater joins Rory to talk about the challenges he faced growing up often sick, how it led to his love of writing and theater, teaching himself ancient Greek, Spring Awakening, and his new book "Alice by Heart."

Dave Holstein

March 04, 2020

Writer and creator of "Kidding" on Showtime, Dave Holstein joins Rory to talk about his work on Weeds, writing the "Kidding" pilot a decade ago but keeping it relevant, and the long, arduous, but ultimately worthwhile pursuit of Jim Carrey.

Qui Nguyen

February 19, 2020

Playwright and co-founder of Vampire Cowboys, Qui Nguyen joins Rory at the Geffen to talk about his new show, "Revenge Song." Learn the challenges of adapting a real life story, starting his own theater company, his geeky influences, and the joy of bending genres for the stage.

Trey Parker

February 12, 2020

Geffen Playhouse Unscripted returns with a very special conversation as Rory talks to longtime friend, South Park co-creator, Book of Mormon co-creator, and all around hilarious and thought provoking writer/producer/director, Trey Parker.

Larissa FastHorse

November 20, 2019

Playwright Larissa FastHorse joins Rory to talk about her show currently at the Geffen, "The Thanksgiving Play." Plus, she discusses the challenges faced in her writing career, "performative wokeness", and her conscious decision to write the play with 4 non-indigenous leads.