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Achievement Trust


The Achievement Trust organization provides membership, grants & scholarships to African-American students.

This program was founded in 1981 with the vision and the dream that through an ever increasing number of accomplished and motivated young men, the Black family unit can be maintained and strengthened. The goal is accomplished through the workshops and mentoring. More than one thousand young men have gone through the program and more than 2.8 million dollars in scholarships have been awarded. ​

Program Objectives

  • Provide scholarships for college-bound high school males.
  • Develop a program of recognition for outstanding males.
  • Develop leadership ability in the young men selected for the program.
  • Involve the community in the development of the young men by organizing a group of business and professional men to serve as mentors/confreres.
  • Produce a corps of young men bound by common experiences who are dedicated to the improvement of our society.
  • Expose participants to STEM careers.

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