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Teaching artists are working artists who are dedicated to educating learners of all ages about an art form. They seek to engage everyone’s curiosity and creativity, no matter what the degree of their artistic aims. Teaching artists are why arts education programs have an impact: they turn programmatic intentions into results by guiding participants to engage with artworks, build knowledge and skills, make meaningful personal connections, and express their own ideas.


Geffen Playhouse has assembled a team of exemplary teaching artists in theater who are committed to maintaining the quality and advancing the impact of our programming. Each is an experienced theater artist and educator who brings a wealth of expertise and passion to their work.

Since they exemplify what it means to be open-minded, socially conscious, and caring community members, they gain the trust of high school students and empower them to work together as respectful ensemble members. They also guide students to

  • get the most of out of the plays they see through collaboratively designed pre- and post-show sessions
  • take creative risks and develop their expressive skills in collaborative group activities
  • give voice to their own experiences through writing and performing monologues and scenes
  • grow their critical thinking and communication skills as they share responses to the plays.

With our community groups, Geffen Teaching Artists help deepen the capacities of group leaders to conduct stimulating discussions about the plays and build community through theater activities. They also help groups with an artistic focus develop skills in improvisation and performance.