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Amacio Matthews

Connor Amacio Matthews, aka Connor Amacio, is a twelve-year old actor, singer, dancer and horseman. He lives in California with his mother Renay Matthews-Delgado and his father Ricardo Delgado. Early recognition by family as a precocious child, equipped with innate willingness to entertain, shaped his affable fit with acting, dancing, rapping and singing. This led to the creation of In the Flow with Connor Amacio, his own Youtube show at the age of seven. After professional training, he achieved roles in short movies and commercials. A master at improv and a natural in front of the camera and on stage, Connor loves the arts. He is also a singer and songwriter. He released his anti-bullying song “Buzzin’ Bee” in 2018. In his spare time, he plays games with his dad, writes with his grandfather and trains in horseback riding in the English style at TES in Burbank.