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Hon. Nicole Avant
& Ted Sarandos

Ted and Nicole first met at an event organized by Nicole in her role as a finance co-chair of Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential Campaign. Her first words to him were “You’re late,” and the rest is history. They married in 2009, and the same year, Nicole became the first Black woman and the youngest US Ambassador to the Bahamas. As Ambassador, Nicole focused on five priority initiatives: Education, Alternative Energy, Economic and Small Business Development, Women’s Empowerment and Raising awareness of the challenges facing people with disabilities. Nicole is the daughter of music mogul Clarence Avant and Jacqueline Avant and she recently produced the acclaimed and award winning documentary The Black Godfather.

Ted Sarandos has been a game-changer in the entertainment industry for the last two decades. As Co-CEO and Chief Content Officer for Netflix, his revolutionary vision has led the streaming platform to critical acclaim with 15 Oscars, 114 Primetime Emmys, 22 Golden Globes, 22 BAFTAs (12 for Film & 10 for TV), and many more! Ted’s inventive creativity launched an entirely new entertainment medium and has reimagined how audiences view stories. He is amplifying diverse, underproduced voices and creating immeasurable opportunities for storytellers around the world.

As a couple, they lead their life from a place of positive purpose, starting each day with one simple question: “What good will I do today?” Their belief in the power of yes opens doors, creates possibility, and brings opportunity to our community.