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Monique Ward

Monique is thrilled to be part of this production! Favorite roles (L.A./Sacramento): California Musical Theatre/Music Circus’ The Music Man (Amaryllis), If You Give a Mouse a Cookie (The Mouse-Elly Award Nominee), Dorothy Meets Alice (Dorothy), Liberace Presents (Shirley Temple), Treasure Island (Zoe), Hairspray (Amber), The Lion King (Scar), Laura Ingalls Christmas (Carrie), Annie (Grace), The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Judith), Sound of Music (Marta), Anne of Green Gables (Minnie May), Still Life With Iris (Memory Mender), River City Anthology (Birthday Cake Girl). Film: Death or Taxes, Reality TV Movie, Charlie’s Closet, Doggie Boogie-Get Your Grrr On! T.V.: Cupid, Trauma, Good Day Sacramento, KCRA-3 News, California’s Gold, and The WAVE. Commercials/Videos: IBM and Sony Playstation-3. Music/Dance: National Anthem Soloist (Sacramento Kings, Capitals, River Cats, Stockton’s Relay for Life, Pacific Athletics), The Nutcracker (Sacramento Ballet, Deane Dance Center). Thanks to Matt, Mary, Phyllis, and the amazing cast & crew!