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Romy Rosemont has the face that is instantly familiar. Lately she is being recognized as Finn’s mom, Carole Hudson, on Fox’s Emmy-winning hit series "Glee". Time magazine praises her performance as ““a brilliant bit of characterization through small moments.” Romy loves this role as a single parent exploring a new relationship with Kurt’s father, Burt Hummel (played by Mike O’Malley). Rosemont is proud of her reputation as a gifted go-to character actress. She was recently featured alongside Catherine Keener in "Please Give", and also appeared with Jennifer Aniston in director/writer Nicole Holofcenter’s "Friends with Money". Romy has had recurring roles on "C.S.I.", "Brothers & Sisters", "Prison Break" and "Swing Town". She has guest-starred on countless television series including "Private Practice", "HawthoRNe", "Grey’s Anatomy", "Nip/Tuck" and "Boston Legal". Romy would like to thank her husband Stephen Root for being so brilliant and the Geffen Playhouse for letting her come and play.