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Shar Mayer is a New Yorker who now lives in Southern California. Shar found magic at age 9 and soon was doing magic shows including playing “Magicgal” in a touring vaudeville show. Through magic she found her love of performing and continues to work in theater, at home both in-front and behind the curtain. Her obsession with horror makeup and scare-acting took her on a 30 year journey working in the haunt industry. Shar has performed at many live haunted events on both coasts, as well as various monster roles in TV/movie projects, including “Zombies VS Vampires”. She was also featured in national haunt commercials along with billboard, bus, and print ads. Shar continues to work on interesting projects like, Star Trek: The Tour, The Glory of Christmas and designing undead makeup for drunk driver awareness programs. Her most recent endeavor has been working as the production manager for ScareLA. Shar wants to thank Jerry and Rosie for their love and continuing support. She is very excited to become part of Play Dead and thanks Teller for giving her this wonderful opportunity. Thanks also to Harry Houdini for showing us the way.