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Joshua Harmon Knows How to Get Our Attention

Ari Brand, Lili Fuller and Molly Ephraim in Bad Jews. Photo by Michael Lamont.

Ari Brand, Lili Fuller and Molly Ephraim in Bad Jews. Photo by Michael Lamont.

Joshua Harmon knows how to get our attention.

With the title of his beloved comedy, Bad Jews starts a conversation before the audience ever gets into the theater. The question of what makes us good people — good brothers, good sons and daughters, good cousins — all of these ideas are unpacked and explored in this multi layered play. Ultimately, Harmon has written a play about family dynamics and our place within them, and while his context is a multi-generation Jewish family, he has a gift for finding the universal in the specific.

We welcome back director Matt Shakman (Good People, Wait Until Dark) who has cast an extraordinarily gifted foursome of actors, and with designers John Arnone (sets), E.B. Brooks (costumes), Elizabeth Harper (lights), Jonathan Snipes (sound), he has created an environment where familial emotions have room to simmer, to boil and ultimately to explode.

As Bad Jews closes out the 2014/2015 season, I thank you for joining us. Whether you are a subscriber, a frequent regular ticket buyer, or a first- timer, only with your presence and participation does the art continue to thrive. We launched a season that focused on raising a voice, and over the course of this season, you have given extraordinary post-show feedback, you have responded with calls and emails to discuss the work you’ve seen and you have continued to nurture the art by investing sincerely in it. Theater is a collaborative venture, and you are the most vital part of this collaboration. So from the entire Geffen family, thank you for your continued investment in the art of theater.

Enjoy the show!