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Illusion Designer


Francis Menotti is a magician, through and through. With two decades of professional performance and creation of illusions, Menotti specializes in original, made-to-order magic experience for film, theater, and television. Considered one of the most creative minds in magic today, he’s had his hand in film productions like The Immigrant, and was the full-time on-set magic consultant for ABC’s magic crime drama, Deception. He and David Kwong worked together on magical effects for the Geffen’s Mysterious Circumstances in 2019, and in the development of magic for Kwong’s first run of The Enigmatist in New York. In 2015, Menotti became one of the first to fool Penn & Teller on their hit show, Fool Us. He was invited back to perform again in 2020, and continues to create and consult for magicians around the world. Menotti resides in Philadelphia with his performance and life partner, Lindsey Noel.