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Education & Community Engagement at the Geffen considers all partnering organizations and program participants our collaborators. Coming together to define program goals and envision how to achieve them strengthens the relevance and impact of our work.


The success of our programs at high schools across Los Angeles depends on the contributions of students, classroom teachers, administrators, and school personnel. Guidance from the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools has supported the design and implementation our programs at several of these high schools.


Lights Up programming for 50 social service and education organizations is informed by the unique perspectives of each organization’s mission and representatives, and the interests and aspirations of their constituents.


We have vibrant relationships with several partners at UCLA, including

  • Center X in the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, which helped design the Literacy Project
  • the department of Theater, Film & Television, whose students engage in a yearly practicum at the Geffen to learn about the operations of a non-profit theater
  • Pathway at UCLA Extension, a two-year college program for students with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, who experience a season of plays through our Lights Up program; several Pathway members have also interned and assumed staff positions at the Geffen.

As much as we aim to contribute to the lives of those we serve, so are Geffen programs and the organization as whole shaped by our productive — and often enlightening — collaborations with our partners.