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Action Steps


Our work is ongoing. Our priority is to create, nurture and support a safe and inclusive space for all artists, employees and patrons. This work includes internal reflection and critical analysis of our own environment and practices in order to evolve and move forward as an arts organization for all communities. As part of our ongoing reevaluation and reexamination of the organization, we continue to conduct regular assessments with staff, our Human Resources Director, our DEI Committee and The Aspire Group to develop and implement meaningful Action Steps to support our overall commitment to inclusivity and safety in the workplace.

Our Action Steps include, but are not limited to:

  • We have hired Diane Burbie and The Aspire Group, a leading consulting firm based in Los Angeles, who specializes in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training and organizational effectiveness. This partnership includes staff training sessions and meeting with artists to address and assess needs in the rehearsal space.
  • In keeping with the Geffen’s DEI commitment, policy and goals, we will continue to recruit and hire individuals representative of the breadth of diversity across our communities, for both Geffen management and staff.
  • We are in the process of hiring sensitivity consultants in conjunction with our newly integrated intimacy coordinators to be in rehearsal. We will also work with directors and stage managers to assess needs for safe rehearsal spaces.
  • We have developed a written code of conduct that all staff and artists are required to sign and abide by. This code of conduct requires respect in all spaces, and outlines a clear reporting, investigation, and resolution process. We acknowledge that no two problems are the same, but all need to be addressed in a prompt, thoughtful and thorough manner to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone that engages with the Geffen.
  • We have partnered with a human resources director who is accessible to staff and artists and will be brought in on day one of rehearsals to meet the members of each production.
  • We have reinforced and implemented new protocols for reporting when issues and problems arise during production or otherwise. These include:
    • Providing staff and artists with contact information for the following parties so direct communication is possible at any time: Stage management, company management, the artistic staff and producers, human resources, and the executive team.
    • We created a dedicated call line for those who wish to make a report and remain anonymous. This line will be monitored solely by our human resources director. Retaliation will not be tolerated against anyone who raises a concern, makes a report, or cooperates in an investigation.

This document will be updated with new developments/actions steps as they happen.


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